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The business club for over-thinkers with bold plans

The Shitty Idea Time Business Collective

Are you overthinking your business to death? I'm stoked you're here. 

Endless freebie downloads, business "formulas" & half-baked strategies suck. Welcome to the community that helps you take consistent action and experiment on your terms.
  • Make decisions quickly & confidently. Learn to use your unique core values to choose the right marketing strategy, tech solution, bookkeeper, etc. for you. Stop wasting time second-guessing yourself! 💪

  • End impostor syndrome. Silence your inner critic and bring your fear along for the entrepreneurial ride.

  • Quiet the nagging “am I missing something?” voice. Each month you'll get comprehensive, guided assessments to give you a 1000-foot-view of your business and help you put the pieces in the right order. 

  • Create sustainable systems. Your business should work for YOU! Our systems-first approach helps you simplify, streamline and automate the day-to-day.


Hi. I'm Tess. And I give a shit about your success.

In 2010, I gave myself permission to voice a "shitty" idea for the first time. It was during a brainstorm at my ad agency job. After years of playing it "safe" and being stunted by my fear of failure, that moment changed the game. Once I realized that there was no "right" way to be creative or build a brand, I was free! I was free to trust myself deeper, dream bigger, and love people harder. 

In the years that followed, I quit my decade-long career doing digital strategy for big brands and opened a tiny gym in Seattle, WA. It was in that space I found a deep love for all things coaching and small business. 

I created this community to help you master this whole business thing on your terms. Its a container for you to voice your own big, scary, kick-ass ideas and put massive action behind them. I'm excited AF to offer you accountability and cheerlead the hell out of you.

Want to learn more about me & my love of shitty ideas? Click here. ]

How it works

First, you'll clarify your vision using the Business Roadmap Toolkit (included with your membership). Afterward, you'll dive in to the community where we focus on 4 foundational topics: Legal, Brand Messaging, Money & Sales

We focus on 1 topic per month and Get  👏🏼  Shit  👏🏼  Done 👏🏼. You'll grow as a the CEO of your business and get in the habit of taking rapid action.

How do we get shit done, you ask? We sprint!

During the first two weeks of each month, you'll take a guided assessment, level up your skills with a workshop, and design your sprint. For the second half of the month, you'll execute your plan. This is a really fast way to knock out the big projects you keep putting off.

You'll get the focus, education and community support you need without the restrictions of a dreaded group project. I struggled for years finding an effective schedule that balanced my need for structure with my desire for spontaneity. The sprint framework, friends, is magic. In as little as 4 months, you'll systematize your processes and take ownership of your business operations.

What's included?

► The Community Membership 

$35 / month | Because people show up differently when they invest

  • Immediate access to our Business Roadmap Toolkit ($189 value). In this business planning course, you'll get clarity on your mission/vision, your strengths/weaknesses, who your audience is, and your product/offer.
  • Answers to your day-to-day questions. Community discussion & feedback is central to how we learn and grow together.
  • Monthly planning guides. These detailed guides help you assess where you're at, focus on what's important, and get shit done!
  • Monthly workshops. You'll learn the nuts and bolts of business ownership from our team of industry-leading experts.
  • Access to the Business Support directory. I give my personal recommendations for CPAs, bookkeepers, lawyers, coaches, marketing pros, designers and tech solutions!

► The Accelerate Membership

$199 / month  |  Limited to 25 people to give you individual support 

If you feel scattered, overwhelmed and need a loving kick in the butt, this is for you. In addition to everything in the Community Membership, you'll get: 

  • Chat access. With help from the group and myself, you're never stuck.
  • Coaching & personal feedback in our weekly office hours. Every Monday & Wednesday at 10AM PST we have a small-group Zoom call. You're welcome to ask questions in advance & replays are available.
  • Access to the monthly "deep dive." Join these in-depth Q&A sessions with our team of lawyers, CPAs, coaches & marketing pros!
  • First dibs on 1-on-1 coaching with me.

Our Manifesto

✨ Collaboration makes us better business owners (& humans).

There's really no one-size-fits all business plan. The game is changing and we're here for it, but it's gonna take massive collaboration. So I've partnered with amazing lawyers, CPAs, coaches & marketing pros to navigate this new landscape together.

✨ Your freak flag is welcome here.

Every business owner brings something unique to the party. And we celebrate the shit out of it. 

✨ We're only as successful as the least privileged among us.

As such, we give 10% of all revenue to non-profits that support underserved and marginalized business owners. Follow us on Instagram to learn about the non-profit partner of the month!

✨ Anti-racism or bust.

We're not perfect, but we know that white supremacy deeply impacts small business owners of color. If you don't value a diverse and equitable community, and aren't willing to do the work for it, this ain't for you.

Ready to join?

I can't wait to see you inside the community and help you get into a solid groove as the CEO of your biz!

Not sure if it's for you? Schedule a free "is it a good fit?" call!

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