Does growing your business feel awkward AF? We got you.

We're a supportive community of small business owners making bold progress & growing our dreams.

The Shitty Idea Time Business Collective

Get out of your head and start growing your business like a boss.

You want to do this business thing well. And why invent the wheel if you don’t have to? So you start doing your homework, downloading guides, following the experts, only to end up frustrated. The truth is, strategies that weren’t designed for you are only going to get you so far. 

Growing a business, you’ll have to get comfortable inventing your own answers and voicing your own ideas. My goal for you is that your business foundation is SO safe you’re able to confidently voice your biggest, messiest, wildest, scariest, boldest, shittiest ideas. Because that's the place where magic happens and dreams begin.


We help you build your foundation, and give you a supportive container to get feedback, take consistent action, and grow your business on your terms!

  • Make decisions quickly & confidently. Learn to use your unique core values to choose the right marketing strategy, tech solution, sales funnel, etc. for you. Stop wasting time second-guessing yourself! 💪
  • End impostor syndrome. Silence your inner critic and step into your power.
  • Quiet the nagging “am I missing something?” voice. You'll receive a quarterly business growth assessment that gives you a 1000-foot-view of your business. You'll be able to prioritize and plan with confidence. 

  • Take consistent action. Our feedback circles, "get unstuck" group brainstorms, & challenge events help you build momentum!

How we break it down...

Here in the community, we focus on 3 foundational topics: Branding, Marketing & Sales.  We focus on 1 topic per month and Get  👏🏼  Shit  👏🏼  Done 👏🏼. 

When you join, you'll receive the business growth assessment, designed to help you get a TON of clarity on where you're at and what to focus on next.

The real magic happens in the group meetups & challenges! We come together every week for a brainstorm, feedback circle, or challenge. By holding each other accountable, sharing resources, and giving/receiving feedback, we all grow a hell of a lot faster.

If you follow along with the monthly themes, attend weekly events and participate in the challenges, you will get into a sustainable groove growing your business.

Who is this community for?

Hi! I'm Tess, a long-time marketer, business coach and former gym owner! I'm also the host of the Shitty Idea Time Podcast, hence the name of this group! [You can read more about me here]

I love working with small business owners who want to make a positive impact within their communities. That means this group is perfect for:

  • Health & wellness service providers
  • Coaches, consultants, & speakers
  • Makers, artists, & craftspeople
  • Business service providers
  • Solopreneurs & small business owners with an impact-driven mission

It's NOT for you if you already have your branding, marketing, & sales systems dialed in. It's also not for business owners with large teams, those seeking formal investment, or those who plan to scale within the next year.

What's included?

$35 / month | Because people show up differently when they invest

  • 🧠 Answers to your day-to-day questions. Community discussion & feedback is central to how we learn together. With help from the group and myself, you're never stuck.
  • 🔥 Weekly meetups & workshops. Every Tuesday at 4PM PST, we get together for a "get unstuck" brainstorm or feedback circle.
  • 📝 Monthly challenges. Each month, you'll get a loving kick in the butt with a 5-day challenge.
  • 🗺 The Prioritize & Plan Quarterly Growth Guide. This detailed assessment with help you determine where you're at, focus on what's important, and get shit done!
  • 🌈 Access to the Business Support directory. I give my personal recommendations for CPAs, bookkeepers, lawyers, coaches, marketing pros, designers, tech platforms, etc.!

Our Manifesto

Collaboration makes us better business owners (& humans).

There's really no one-size-fits all business plan. The game is changing and we're here for it, but it's gonna take massive collaboration. 

Your freak flag is welcome here.

Every business owner brings something unique to the party. And we celebrate the shit out of it. 

We're only as successful as the least privileged among us.

As such, we give 10% of all revenue to non-profits that support marginalized business owners. Follow us on Instagram to learn about the non-profit partner of the month!

Anti-racism or bust.

We're not perfect, but we know that white supremacy deeply impacts small business owners of color. If you don't value a diverse and equitable community, and aren't willing to do the work for it, this ain't for you.

Ready to join?

I can't wait to see you inside the community and help you get into a solid groove as the CEO of your biz! Not sure if it's for you? Try it out for 2 weeks on the house!

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